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Our clients are our biggest supporters.


Blackwood Hospitality has consulted for many restaurants, providing our clients with innovative solutions. Here are some of our clients' experiences 
working with Andre Neyrey and his team at Blackwood Hospitality.

"It's been a huge pleasure and experience working with Blackwood Hospitality from the very first day. Everything that Andre promised, happened like he said it would.


The brand concept was delivered on time with perfection. From the logo, to the multiple menu creations, interior layout, music selection and then some slight adjustments here and there as we went along to permanently staple this brand to West 8th Street. I was extremely impressed by their dedication, hard work, and professionalism along with their amazing enthusiasm for my brand. They made it their own and were positive through the entire process.  I had three previous unsuccesful attempts with other management groups to make this business a success. They were all lacking the skill and charisma that Blackwood has. 


As a business owner, it is nerve-wracking to put your investment in another one's hands especially with my past experience with other so-called high rated management firms. Andre was honest, straight up, pragmatic, and very confident through the entire process. We started making profit after just three weeks of opening which was a real eye opener. I would recommend Blackwood Hospitality to anyone that wants a successful business. These are your people and they'll make it happen!"


Owner, Whiskey Social

"As a bar and property owner, I recognized I needed some help with my business. Sales had been steadily declining and my bar needed physical improvements. My time is valuable, so I gave Andre and his team a call. I could not have been happier.  After an initial meeting and some recon by his team, Andre patiently walked me through all the areas he could assist with in improving my business.  I cannot stress how much I appreciate that Blackwood Hospitality was truly like a one-stop shop for everything; contractors, architects, consulting chef to create a new menu, consulting mixologist to improve our bar program, interior decorator, restaurant attorney, POS and audio/video and social media. Andre presented me with different price options on everything and spoke candidly about the pros and cons of different vendors, products, marketing strategies, etc.  He saved me money countless times by hunting down the most affordable options. I could have never done this on my own, even if I had the time. Andre's years of experience and his on-sight team made this process completely stress-free. I highly recommend Blackwood for any project."


Tara Hill & Eastside Cantina

"We worked with Andre to open three food and beverage concepts for our project, Hotel Indigo. Andre and the Blackwood team are consummate professionals with a hands on approach and a keen appreciation for efficiency without sacrificing quality. Their ability to react quickly to difficult situations combined with just how easy they are to work with made them an invaluable asset as we opened our hotel. Now, as we work with Blackwood under an ongoing management contract, they have only continued to impress us with their tireless attention to detail and project management skills. We would highly recommend them!"


Owner, Hotel Indigo

"Andre and his team are simply the best in the business. After our 4-month engagement they were able to turn the cafe into a healthy well-run establishment that consistently meets customers' expectations. By implementing these necessary changes to the business there has been an increase in sales and operating profit as well as a reduction in spoilage and shrink costs. Words cannot express my gratitude for the level of commitment they've shown and continue to show each and every day. This is a group of true professionals that know the restaurant business!"


Cake Boss Cafe

"It's very simple, there is absolutely no way that I would have been able to open my restaurant without Andre. From coordinating contractors to budgeting, to leveraging his relationships and expertise, he is the best there is. He is very comforting and open-minded to different concepts. The most important reason I chose to use Andre's services is his full service in-house team! Whether you need to find real estate, do design work, create a menu with a chef - he's got you fully covered! He has the best and most comprehensive team than all of the other restaurant consultants whom I interviewed. Lastly, Andre treats your project as if were his own. He is very careful in budgeting; he probably saved me more money in extra fees than the entire cost of the project! Definitely hire Andre. It will be the best decision you make for yourself."


Owner, Darrow's Fresh Farm Market

"Blackwood Hospitality helped us develop and open our midtown bistro, The Harold. Andre and his team came in with a well-developed game plan and got right to work in a well-organized manner. In no time, we had our staff in place and our menu just the way we wanted it. Thanks to Andre and his crew at Blackwood Hospitality, we had a very smooth opening and rave reviews from our guests."


The Harold

"As an attorney who only represents restaurants and bar owners, I am always working with real estate brokers. Rarely, however, do I come across a broker who is as knowledgeable and dedicated to the needs of restaurant owners as Andre Neyrey is. In each instance where I've worked with him, he has gone so far above and beyond what should be expected of him and I cannot think of any other broker to whom I would refer a client. He is a consummate professional and keenly aware of all aspects of the restaurant industry."


Dipasquale Law Group

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